Three family members die of snakebite in Tripura What to do if youre bitten

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New Delhi: In a tragic incident, three members of a family, including a child, succumbed to a poisonous snakebite in Tripura.

According to a police official, a snake bit Kamal Krishna Tripura, 27, and his wife and two-years-old daughter on Sunday night when they were sleeping at their home at Gandachara.

He said that the villagers killed the snake and took the vi

US Air Forces secretive X-37B plane returns to earth after 718 days what was it doing up there

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Washington: Central Floridians woke up to the sounds of a sonic boom when US Air Force`s secretive X-37B aircraft returned to Earth after being in the space non-stop for 718 days.

The touchdown of the Orbital Test Vehicle mission 4 (OTV-4) at the Kennedy Space Center has added to the mystery that has surrounded the X-37B programme ever since the launch of the aircraft

Alien cylinder passing ISS captured on NASAs live feed Another cover up by US space agency

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New Delhi: Reports about a mysterious object captured flying past the International Space Station (ISS) on NASA’s live feed is doing the rounds on the internet.

Conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, editor of, shared the footage uploaded by NASA online. Check out the video below!

According to Waring, the large object spotted in NASA foot

Juno successfully buzzes Jupiters cloud tops in its fifth flyby

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New Delhi: NASA's Juno spacecraft whizzed by Jupiter on Monday, March 27, 2017, in its fifth close encounter with the gas giant, successfully completing its fourth science orbit.

According to NASA, all of Juno's science instruments and the spacecraft's JunoCam were on during the flyby, collecting data that is now being returned to Earth.

Juno ma

17-year-old British teen detects NASA data error earns appreciation

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New Delhi:A 17-year-old schoolboy in the UK has pointed out an error in the data recorded by NASA on the International Space Station (ISS), earning him appreciation from the US space agency.

Miles Soloman, an A-level student at Tapton school in Sheffield, contacted scientists at NASA, telling them that radiation sensors on the ISS were recording false data.

Astronauts all set for spacewalk outside space station today How to watch Live

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New Delhi: Two spacewalkers will carry out a variety of tasks outside the International Space Station (ISS) on Friday, March 24.

Expedition 50 Commander Shane Kimbrough of NASA and Flight Engineer Thomas Pesquet of ESA (European Space Agency) will conduct an EVA (Extravehicular Activity) to prepare the space station for the future arrival of US commercial crew sp

Spectacular footage of ISROs record PSLV launch and separation of satellites as seen by onboard came

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New Delhi: The Indian Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has released a spectacular selfie footage of its historic launch of 104 satellites captured by the onboard camera of PSLV-C-37 rocket.

ISRO's selfie video shows the separation of all satellites, including India's Cartosat-2 Series for earth observation, in space after being launched on PSLV-C36.

In case you missed it - Indian PSLV rocket lifts off with record 104 satellites Watch it here

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New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Wednesday successfully launched record 104 satellites, including Cartosat-2 series weather observation satellite, in single mission onboard the agency's workhorse PSLV-C37 rocket.

At 9.28 am, today, February 15, 2017, ISRO's trusted ​PSLV-C37, on its 39th mission, lifted off with the 104 satellites,

ISRO sets world record by successfully launching 104 satellites in single mission

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New Delhi: Indian space agency ISRO on Wednesday morning scripted history by successfully launching a record 104 satellites, including country's Cartosat-2 earth observation satellite, in a single mission from Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

Exactly at 9:28 am, ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C37 carrying 104 satellites blasted off from the first launch

India to increase range of BrahMos missile to 450 km

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Bengaluru: India will increase the range of the supersonic BrahMos cruise missile to 450 km from the present 290 km, and a test is likely around March 10, DRDO chief S Christopher said on Wednesday.

The DRDO chief, however, denied any plans for increasing the range of the Agni missile, which has a range above 5,000 km.

This comes after India became a member

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