Wow PM Narendra Modi got THIS gift from his Dutch counterpart Mark Rutte

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Hague: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived home on Wednesday following a successful three-nation tour, got a pleasant gift from none other than Prime Minister Mark Rutte of the Netherlands. 

A picture shared by news agency ANI showed PM Modi riding a bycycle which was gifted to him by his Dutch counterpart Prime Minister Mark Rutte who was seen smiling near him.

PM Modi also took to Twitter to thank Minister-President Mark Rutte for the lovely gift. 

For those who are unaware, Prime Minister of the Netherlands – an economic superpower - is NEVER driven in convoys.

A video shared by the Dutch national Broadcaster showed Prime Mister Rutte arriving at his office and later in the evening going home on a bicycle. 

In the video, the Dutch Premier can be seen getting help to fix a minor technical hitch in his black mamba bicycle.

Even during his state visit, Rutte always tries to maintain the tradition of coming to work on a bicycle.

In 2012, the Prime Minister Mark Rutte shocked the Iranian delegation when he arrived at work with a bicycle. 

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