Three family members die of snakebite in Tripura What to do if youre bitten

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New Delhi: In a tragic incident, three members of a family, including a child, succumbed to a poisonous snakebite in Tripura.

According to a police official, a snake bit Kamal Krishna Tripura, 27, and his wife and two-years-old daughter on Sunday night when they were sleeping at their home at Gandachara.

He said that the villagers killed the snake and took the victims to the hospitals, however, they were declared brought dead by the doctors.

Forest officials, who were also rushed to the spot, said that there were a large number of King Cobra snakes in the mountainous region.

Venomous snake bites can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Snakebite - Symptoms, what to do
Symptoms of a poisonous snakebite include - redness, swelling, and severe pain at the area, which may take up to an hour to appear. Vomiting, trouble seeing, tingling of the limbs, and sweating may also occur.

If a person is bitten by a snake, it's important that the victim remains calm, immobilises the bite area and removes jewellery or tight clothing, even as emergency medical care should be obtained as soon as possible.

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