Rajnikanth slams Centre over Delhi violence, Kamal Haasan backs his stand

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Actor Rajinikanth has said that the violence in Delhi is a failure of intelligence agencies and the Home Ministry, as the violence has occurred at a time when US President Donald Trump was in the National capital. He said that the agencies should have maintained vigil and that the intelligence agencies should have done their job, adding that violence should be dealt with an iron fist, hoping that the concerned authorities would be cautious henceforth.  Speaking to reporters outside his Poes Garden residence, Rajinikanth reiterated that he would be the first one to stand with the Muslims community, if the Citizenship Amendment Act was found to be affecting them in any way.  On the violence in Delhi Rajini said, “This is an intelligence failure and I criticize the central government for this”. When asked about the hate speeches that were made during the Delhi election campaign, Rajini said that everybody can’t be blamed, held responsible for the words of a few. He stated that the media must exercise restraint and not provoke anybody in such as situation.  “Some parties are playing politics using religion and are instigating people, this is not the right path. If the Central government doesn’t quell this violence it will become a serious issue in the future” he added.  When asked about the ongoing protests by the Muslim community against the CAA, Rajini replied that CAA was a law that was passed by both Houses of Parliament and had also received the President’s assent. “I believe that the CAA won’t be revoked, no matter whatever protests take place and this is my opinion. For expressing my opinions, many senior journalists and political analysts are painting me as a BJP mouthpiece and it is very disappointing, but I am only speaking the truth.” Live TV Regarding his understanding of CAA-NRC-NPR, Rajini said that the government has not implemented NRC and we shouldn’t get confused over it. “With iron hands the violence must be quelled or they should resign and go. Its going beyond control. Peaceful protests are fine, but it shouldn’t make way for violence, then why do we have intelligence agencies?”. Shortly, after Rajini spoke to reporters, actor-turned politician Kamal Haasan tweeted his compliments for Rajinikanth in Tamil, appreciating his stance on Delhi violence. It roughly translates to“Very good Rajini, the path you have chosen is a good one. It is not a path that one walks alone, but a royal path chosen by an entire race. Come along, congratulations”. It must be noted that Rajini and Kamal have had differing views on various contemporary issues. While Rajini has been largely in favor of the Modi’s government’s schemes and decisions including demonetization, GST, scrapping of Article 370, CAA, river-interlinking project etc. Kamal Haasan has been a fierce critic of the Central government on many issues including the CAA.

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