Mumbai stampede It is going to happen they have been warning for 3 years about Elphinstone Road Stat

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Mumbai can hardly claim to be shocked by the stampede on the bridge at the Elphinstone Road Station. Shock was the reaction that Indians from most other cities felt. But Mumbaikars felt anger. It was anger that an accident that many had predicted would happen did actually happen. And there is ample evidence of this on social media, from years ago.
In the hours after 22 people were killed and over 30 were injured in the stampede, some raged on social media sites that little had been done to prevent the disaster, even as a proposal to rename the Elphinstone Road Station was successfully legislated upon. It had been renamed Prabhadevi Station in July.

However, the majority of anger was expressed with people pointing out the number of times the Indian Railways and its Minister had been told about the impending disaster on social media.

Take a look at this tweet from 2014:

And, this one from 2016.

In other tweets, this user also warned of a similar fate awaiting Kurla Station.

There have also been a number of tweets through the year that have also warned of the coming disaster.

There are many other similar tweets. One user even received a reply from the Railways.

The Western Railways said it had already floated a tender for a new foot over bridge at the location of the tragedy. The approval for allocation of money for the construction of this new bridge had been made in the 2016 budget. It was supposed to open next year.

But it is anyone’s guess whether the disaster could have been averted if the government and Railways had moved faster.

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