Italian woman marries herself says living a fairytale without a Prince Charming

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Does a woman need a man to be happy? Laura Mesi, a fitness instructor and vlogger from the small town of Lissone near Milan, certainly does not think so. The Italian woman married herself pampering herself with a white wedding dress, a three-tier cake, bridesmaids and 70 guests in a ceremony. 

Laura said that the idea of a solo wedding came to her two years back after coming out of a 12-year-old relationship. She had decided that she would get married if she does not find her soul mate by her 40th birthday. 

Not denying the possibility that she might be able to find love again, she said that even if she doesn't, she will be happy. "My happiness will not depend on him," she said.  

Though initially sceptical, her family eventually backed her in her decision. 

She is believed to be the first woman in the country to marry herself. Earlier this year, Nello Ruggiero had become the first groom to marry himself in a ceremony in Naples. 

The trend of solo marriage is picking pace. In fact, in the US "I Married Me" is a website which sells self-wedding kits while in Canada there is a wedding planning agency that caters to those interested in self-marriage. 

British blogger Sophie Tanner was one of the first women in the UK to marry herself in 2015 in Brighton. 

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