Irfan Pathans un-Islamic post All-rounder shuts up religious zealots with graceful response

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New Dehi: India cricketer Irfan Pathan showed the world their no power like love with a simple Twitter post on Wednesday.

His post was supposed to be a reaction, or rather a reply, to the online trollers who criticized him and his wife for not being good Muslims, but ended up as an universal message.

Irfan, 32, became a target of religious zealots after the all-rounder posted a picture of himself and wife on Facebook. "Un-Islamic" was the recurrent theme in most of the hate messages.

But the Baroda captain, instead of allowing himself consume in hatred, rose with a brilliant message, which read: "I repeat :) If there is more love than hate I think we are doing alright. #spreadlove."

Religious extremists were not happy with the photo shared by Irfan. Irfan got married to Safa Baig, a model from Jeddah, last year.

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