Bigg Boss 11 Priyank Sharma hits a new low calls Shilpa Shinde Arshi Khan fat drum

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New Delhi: The popular face of reality TV, Priyank Sharma, who is currently inside the 'Bigg Boss 11' house had a bumpy start followed by a messy comeback and now he is literally touching the ground in terms of his behaviour.

After slut-shaming Arshi Khan and calling out names against her, Priyank hit a new low in last night's episode where he was seen chatting with Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and Sapna Chaudhary.

This group of people was discussing how Shilpa doesn't deserve to be one of the contenders for the captaincy task. Hina was seen saying that she did better than Shilpa and should be in her place instead.

While all of this discussion was taking place, Priyank, who looked frustrated with the recent developments said some really crass words about Shilpa and Arshi Khan. He body-shamed them by using words like 'fat', 'Buffalo' and 'drum'. He even said the both Shilpa and Arshi are 70 kgs and have become so fat by eating all the time inside the house that they look like a buffalo, a drum.

Soon after this telecast, Twitterati slammed Priyank for his words and even former Bigg Boss contestant Dolly Bindra shot back at the actor's body-shaming statements.

#priyank How dare you body shame #ShilpaShinde #sick #bb11

— ੴ Dolly Bindra ੴ (@DollyBindra) November 23, 2017

#bb11 Surat achi uparwale ne di hain toh serat bhi achi hona hain zaruri #priyaaank and #hina

— ੴ Dolly Bindra ੴ (@DollyBindra) November 24, 2017

#bb11 groupisum se khelna toh kya khelna hUa aao apne balbuteh se akele aao maidan mein jhund kyun lateh ho #hina

— ੴ Dolly Bindra ੴ (@DollyBindra) November 24, 2017

Yeh Jo girls ko fat aur body shame ki baatein ho raihi hain yeh Bahar hoti toh outraged of modesty mein priyank would have been arrested #bb11

— ੴ Dolly Bindra ੴ (@DollyBindra) November 24, 2017

Now such body-shaming coming from a known face on television looks absolutely untasteful and presents him in a bad light. After Priyank spoke at length about how Shilpa and Arshi look, Hina suddenly felt it might look bad on them and asked him not to talk like that, joined by Luv, who tried to stop him.

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