3000-Years-Old Sushruta Technique Helped Reconstruct Afghan Womans Nose

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Shot at the age of 24, Shamsa (name changed) suffered a gunshot on her nose that took away the ability to breath and smell. A gunshot victim from Afghanistan though survived the attack but lost her self-confidence to interact with the people.

With shattered dreams, Shamsa in agreement with her family decided to get a plastic surgery of the nose. After much thought, the family travelled all the way to India and after successful nose reconstruction surgery, her life is eventually back on the track. Doctors in India successfully reconstructed her nose using a 3,000 years old technique which was described by Sushruta- an ancient Indian physician.

Commenting on his unique surgical approach Dr Ajaya Kashyap, Medical Director, KAS Medical Centre and MedSpa said, "In this particular case, I took skin from Shamsa's cheeks for the surgery and nose reconstruction, following the techniques described by Sushruta."

The technique used by Dr Kashyap in her reconstruction surgery was first introduced by the "Father of Plastic Surgery" Sushruta, some 3000 years ago. However, considering the complications which usually involves in such cases, the procedure requires great precision and expertise.

Explaining about the complications and challenges he faced in the surgery Dr Kashyap said, "As in this case, the challenge was to reconstruct a major part of the nose without creating further scars. To avoid this, we had to take tissues from inside of the cheeks to reconstruct flaps for nasal septum and nasal passage, which is a tedious procedure."

Shamsa, who only speaks her native language, shares her experience taking help of a translator, "I cannot express in words how blessed I feel today to be able to talk, smell and breath normally."


Shamsa, was shot four years ago. Though she was fortunate to have survived the attack, she lost most part of her nose and the ability to breathe and smell

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